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The Brightest Star

By Posted in - Dispatch on July 30th, 2015 0 Comments Image for Blog #7

November 7th, 1995. The State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ

If I had to be a musician/rock star type, I could very well choose to be Chris Isaak. He’s a low key rocker, but he most assuredly …

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St. Paul

By Posted in - Dispatch on July 23rd, 2015 0 Comments #6-Paul-West

April 27th, 2005. NY, NY

West 47th St between 8th and 9th.

The Supper Club was a New York City venue that hosted many a memorable music show in its day. It’s been closed now for years, …

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Lip Synch Serenade

By Posted in - Dispatch on July 16th, 2015 0 Comments WHITE-STRIPES-BIKE

June 5th, 2002. San Francisco, CA. How come no one calls it Frisco anymore?At the time I’m living a mere two miles from the famed Fillmore Auditorium. It’s a historic venue…

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