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Promised Land Radio founder and host, Dave Glassman, leads your pilgrimage through the byways of inspirational pop music.  Struck by the devotional depth and harmonious beauty of The Melodians 1970 hit, “By the Rivers of Babylon”, Dave set out to bring the ineffable and the tuneful together in a universal celebration. Follow him on a spiritual quest through the depths and out to the edges of the mainstream. The airwaves have always been full of signs, wonders and good news. The Promised Land distills the very best of inspirational pop, rock, country, soul and any other song that helps you along your path. No matter where your faith lies, this is your home for Secular Spirituals and Rock & Roll Revelation. Popular songs, memorable melodies and visionary words for the ears and the spirit.

The concept of love is the thread that runs through these songs, altruistic love as a redemptive force.  These are songs with the ring of testimony, that point toward a force higher than ourselves, many of them hit records that originally caught our attention with a good beat, a catchy tune or a hook that wouldn’t quit; staples on the radio from the 60’s to the present.

The Promised Land playlist includes thousands of songs by a multitude of wide ranging artists including, just to name a few: The Allman Brothers, The Beatles, Big Star, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, The Clash, Curtis Mayfield, Daniel Lanois, Earth Wind & Fire, Hank Williams, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Jackson 5, Keith Richards, Labelle, Emmylou Harris, The Monkees, Neil Young, The O’Jays, Pearl Jam, The Rascals, Prince, Rick Springfield, Robert Plant, Tom Jones and U2.

The title of the program is a nod to Bruce Springsteen, whose song “Promised Land” has been a staple of his live show for decades. Having grown up on the Jersey Shore in the 70’s Dave was a witness to his rise to prominence and cultural influence. Bruce’s music has always been rooted in the concept of hope and a longing for transcendence. With this in mind, Dave has sought to find songs that appeal to the mind and the spirit as well as the ears and the body; devotional songs for everyone. They’re called Secular Spirituals, entertaining and inspiring in equal measure.

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Steve Martinho, discovered in an Asbury Park pool hall. Martin Ho, handpicked from a Trenton, NJ zipper factory. The Royal H, plucked from a group of friends singing from a second story window off Cookman Ave. Merging strengths, they fused a musical alter built of barbed wire, scrap metal and broken glass. Hammering ungraceful materials and transforming this site into a thing resembling something like beauty.

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Promised Land Radio Theme Song, “Moving the Line” written & performed by Jay Moglia.

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